Considering Virginia Elections 11/2/2021

We will fight on! Very seriously, failure is not an option.

Democrats need better candidates and voter engagement. We must pressure our Democratic Leaders to study what wins elections and then pressure them to do those things.

Democrats have a great agenda but suck at selling it and #GOTV. The Rs have a shitty agenda rooted in racism and fear, but they SELL it and all their creeps vote and that’s why they win elections. Their followers vote, ours don’t. That’s really it.

There is so much white supremacist representation because white supremacists vote. Dems must learn how to counter Republican tactics, like Younkin creating a fake issue which freaked out racist white parents and sent them in droves to vote against an issue that doesn’t exist so they could protect their children from learning History.

Democrats must become masters of messaging/branding/PR/voter engagement/GOTV, how to generate enthusiasm translated into Voter Turnout. That’s really it.

Any group that want change will never get change until they vote their candidates into office. Yes, it may be difficult, but zero will change until the struggle is undertaken. Bellyaching and complaining ain’t gonna cut it. Our leaders must get off their asses and do whatever it takes to win elections. And we must pressure and support them to do it.

Let’s get to work.

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