Branding/Marketing is Effective (Like the Alka-Selzer Jingle), Shouldn’t Democrats be Doing It?

Branding is effective. If Alka-Selzer can have a memorable jingle, why not the Democrats to convey and effective message? trump just repeats lies over and over and over until people have heard it so many times they think it is true. Dems should do the same kind of method, but with things that are actually true and to tout and get credit for all the good progressive accomplishments and goals (which require awareness and support) that will greatly improve the lives of everyone (and most of the trump supporters, the ones with no college education and shitty jobs who would really benefit from things like a higher wage, higher taxes on billionaire to pay for cleaner air/water/land/food, access to healthcare, better education, and all the rest Dems are trying so hard to achieve).

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