Democrats must put all energy into winning next elections (at every political level up and down ballot) or Rs will dismantle everything we hold dear.

Everything is on the line:

  • Democracy itself
  • Women’s rights
  • Minority rights


Ideas for how to do this:

  • Hire young/exciting PR experts to promote and uplift the Democrats’ brand and make being a Democrat and voting Democrat something people WANT to be part of
  • Democrat Talent Scouts and Recruiters to seek, identify, and groom great political talent (especially in Red districts to challenge, engage, and possibly flip, those areas)
  • Enlist/Recruit squads/committed/action groups of young people and engage them to do their own grassroots work (as the young know much better how to engage w youth than us old farts)
  • Do the same above separately for every conceivable demographic community
  • Find creative ways to motivate and incentivize voters to vote
  • Campaigns of aggressive voter registration then follow up to help those voters understand why/how voting is in their best interests and the best interests of their families and communities
  • Slogans, songs, visuals, posters, art, theatrics, commercials, fliers, memes, emails, tweets, social media posts, podcasts, radio shows, interviews, buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts, tote bags, yard signs, skywriting, community meetings, hashtags, videos, speeches & jingles to transmit the ideas: messaging everywhere all the time!
  • Bullet point communiques to highlight Democrat’s achievements
  • Find ways to aggressively/effectively/brutally put down and neutralize Republicans’ campaigns if lies/misinformation/false narratives
  • Find creative ways to control the narrative for Democrats and back Republicans into corners for their lies
  • Make sure Republicans suffer consequences for their lies/misinformation/false narratives instead of always letting them get away with it, rewarded by winning elections with those immoral tactics
  • Democrats need fabulous candidates who run great campaigns! Just like every sports team has recruiters to find and groom great athletes, the Democrats do the same for promising politicians/influencers!
  • Democrats must cultivate a rock solid and loyal Culture of Voting up and down the ticket, in every single election, for every single level of government: federal/state/local
  • Democrats have a great platform, we must become masterful at selling it, engaging ALL voters from all groups, stoking enthusiasm and translating all that into massive voter turnout for Democrats
  • Win the Culture War!


I wrote a Vote Song:

I keep a list of GOTVBlue and progressive action orgs that ppl can support or engage with to make sure Dems INCREASE House\Senate majorities in 2022 midterms. I think if cards are played correctly, it CAN (and must) be done:

#VoteBlue #GOTVBlue & Progressive Orgs

I call my political activism The Vote Is The Antidote. #TheVoteIsTheAntidote is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And just two days ago, I launched

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Democrats must put all energy into winning next elections or Rs will dismantle everything we hold dear (November 2021)

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